Description API Integrate with your inventory provider

API GET Request - Keys And Descriptions

DealerWriter will return a JSON array that has the following information.

Key Description
error Set to true, the array (besides 'error_msg') will be blank. false means everything succeeded.
error_msg Describes the error that occured, otherwise blank.
vin Returned VIN number or blank on errors.
balance Remaining account balance.
description Vehicle description that was written. It reflects current options from Settings.
ws_pdf URL to the PDF version of the window sticker.
ws_jpg URL to the JPG version of the window sticker.
Best Practices

There are two recommended options for inventory provider implementation. The dealership should pick the one that works best for their needs within their DealerWriter account limits.

#1: Implement the Description API during processing of the DMS feed. It should be ran automatically for vehicles which are new to the Dealerships inventory with the written description being stored. For existing vehicles, Description API should be skipped. Using this practice, all newly added vehicles will have descriptions written automatically. All previously existing inventory will be ignored.

#2: Add a HTML button to the Update Vehicle page (where the user enters/edits a description). The buttons onClick attribute should trigger an AJAX call to Description API. The description should be returned to the HTML textarea via JavaScript for further editing or saving. Be aware the API key is visible, do not use this method outside of secure Dealership access. Using this practice, the Dealership has more control over which vehicles they get descriptions written for. The downside being it won't be done automatically.

Simple PHP Implementation (Server-side)
Simple JavaScript Implementation (Client-side)
Be aware the API key is visible, do not use this method outside of secure Dealership access.
API Sample Response
error_msg - Values And Descriptions
Value Description
API key missing. The required API key wasn't included in the GET request.
API key invalid. The supplied API key isn't assigned to any DealerWriter user.
VIN contains invalid characters. The VIN should be alphanumeric characters only.
VIN failed validation. The supplied VIN number failed check digit validation.
No balance left to purchase. The balance is at zero and the supplied VIN wasn't previously purchased.
Internal DealerWriter error. DealerWriter experienced an internal error processing the supplied VIN.
None. Everything was successfully processed and returned.